Help with odd RAID 1 behavior

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I'm running Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.9 on Win7 x64. I have my OS and apps on an SSD (drive C) and my data on 2 HDDs configured as a RAID1 (mirror; drive E). Earlier today I accidentally split the RAID. I only noticed when I booted my system and realized everything was suddenly about 6 months old (calendar entries in Outlook, files, folders, etc.); nothing newer than 6 months ago was anywhere to be found on my E drive (the RAID). That's when I noticed the drive was now two drives, D & E. The data on the D drive was current. As I write this, I'm rebuilding the RAID (I was careful to boot with the out-of-date drive unplugged, then rebooted with it plugged in), but I was surprised to discover this discrepancy between the two drives. It's as if one of the drives hasn't been updated in 6 months. Shouldn't they be identical? Shouldn't the Matrix Storage Manager throw an error if they're not when Windows loads? Thanks for comments.

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