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would this work

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hi guys long time reader first time poster, i am in the process of consolidating multiple smaller drives (1,2,3TB drives of varying age) into a new (all new drives) raid 5 array

before i pull the trigger on purchasing the drives i would like to ask the community on advise regarding the hardware i have already in my possesion (from an older machine)

the hardware i have already is

Syba SY-PEX40008 Controller card

RAID Tower (Runs the same Sil3672 chipset as the backblaze pod)

i purchased these items based off the following blog

Backblaze Storage Pod 3.0 which runs (3 x 15 drive arrays = 1LVM) under linux

i am thinking of buying 9 of these Hitachi 7,200 4TB drives (one spare) and setting up raid 5

upon doing some research i have found alot of people stating the card cannot handle array's/drives of this size (when setup in the cards bios) and that it must be set up using the SATARAID5 software in windows , unfortunatley i have no more pcie slots aviable on my motherboard (Asrock Extreme 6 ) to install a higher class raid controller and cannot find anymore details regarding what i am trying to acheive

has anybody got a similar system running as i have described the reason i purchased said hardware was based off the backblaze blog, this will be used only as storage for blu ray/dvd iso's to be streamed out to my HTPC's (Samba share) if you require any more information i can provide it to the best of my ability

Thank you

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The part that makes me very concerned about copying the BackBlaze hardware or configuration is they do it to get the cheapest possible bulk storage they can, with the ability to redundantly support complete systems failure. By bringing the cost down so much, if a drive or entire unit fails they can manage around that. A single user though copying that method has no failsafe in place, meaning that person should go with higher quality hardware that reduces the chance of a single component bringing down the entire system.

With the cost of those 9 4TB HDDs, I'd really suggest moving to a more sane storage approach. Either a H/W RAID card (pick your LSI or Adaptec pleasure) or if you prefer S/W RAID get the appropriate LSI or Adaptec HBA and use the OS/features you wish.

Outside of that information, I don't have much experience with the controller card or expansion tower you have to say if it will or won't support those drives.

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Hi Admin thank you for your reply, I fully understand where you are comming from, regarding how backblaze deal redunacy implementations (whole pods can go down) the only issue i have at the moment is i only have a single x1 slot left and only that amount of lanes left from my cpu/motherboard before i start bottlenecking the whole system, do you know of and 8 port x1 RAID cards you could recommend??

many thanks for the reply

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