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Toshiba Canvio Desk Desktop 5TB External Hard Drive Now Available Disc

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I bought one for harvesting. The product box says it's made in China. The drive inside is a Toshiba MD04ACA500 made in the Philippines.

Bare drive is a standard SATA, and the system reports it as 7200 RPM. Blackmagic disk test benches it at 209-213 MB/s at beginning of drive. Read and write both.

All the case electronics are on a miniboard that mounts to the SATA connector. Then there's a metal shield/heat spreader that covers the drive underside, connections, and enclosure board. Finally, 4 rubber bushings between drive assembly and plastic outer case. No fan.

I tried it before disassembly, made sure it worked before breaking the warranty. Seemed average for drive noise from a ventilated case. The case snaps together, no screws. If you know exactly where each catch is, you can probably open it invisibly. Otherwise, expect to rough up the catches.

Edit: I rebenched to confirm the figures. Original figures were from memory, when I opened it a week ago. A fresh test came up lower - turned out I had to use the storagereview trick to create small (10GB) partitions at beginning and end of drive to force writing at the proper locations.

Start of drive: 190-210 MB/s, read & write, tended to average ~200 MB/s. Confirmed with file copies to/from a RAID 0 array.

End of drive: 101-113 MB/s, read & write, tended to settle ~108 MB/s.

All speed tests were done via internal 3G port in a Mac Pro. I don't have a USB 3 port to test in the enclosure.

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