WD Black ( WD7500BPKT) or WD Black ( WD7500BPKX)

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Hi all. I am going to buy a new hard drive for my laptop Pavillion dv6 1205ee. My original hard drive is Momentus®5400.6. The two drives I am considering to buy are the WD Black ( WD7500BPKT) mentioned as Scorpio black and WD Black ( WD7500BPKX) mentioned as Western digital black on Amazon. Both drives are 750 gigs and with pretty much the same features.The only difference I could spot is 3 gb/s and 6gb/s interface. So I am confused about which one should I go for? Although the scorpio drive was announced earlier its slightly more expensive. Is it because its performance is better?

Please share your opinions as I need to replace my failing drive soon.

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I'd get the cheaper one, you're not going to notice any difference. The interface is just an upgrade to the more modern SATA standard, but in single drive configs like this, there's no material difference that you can feel. For $70 though you can get a 120GB SSD and offload the rest to cloud storage or a NAS. Something to consider...

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