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Help: Raid Card does not see the external enclosure all of sudden

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Hi all,

here is my gears:

- Areca ARC-1680ix-16

- iStarUSA IAGE840ML2 Tower 8-bay Multilane - SFF8470 SAS/SATA Enclosure

- iStarUSA cAGE-AAMSM1 External Multilane TO External Mini-SAS Cable

- 2 Port Mini SAS 4x SFF-8088 26-Pin to 4x SFF-8087 36-Pin Adapter

- WD RE3s, Crucial 64GB SSDs & WD Greens

Raid Arrays:

External Raid: RE3 Raid 30

Internal Raid: SSD Raid 0 & Greens Raid 6.

Operating System:

Mac OSX Mevericks

Windows 7


both raid card and enclosure seem fine.

1680ix detects the internal raid arrays, and they work flawlessly.

I also check the Areca raid management, all internal disks are detectable, but non of the external RE3s are found.

Enclosure does not have any error signal light on, fan works great and silent.

Please guide me how to find out the problem?

See attachment for better description of how the raid array setup.


Thank you very much!


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