"Thin" 3.5 internal HDD

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In the time since I've been reviewing drives and before, I've never come across a 3.5" HDD that had a smaller than 1" height.

What is the goal with this? The only thing possible if it did exist (doesn't) would be a single platter drive, which in performance terms wouldn't match up in performance to a 2.5" HDD.

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That's what I thought. I figured most Forum members reading the question were just getting a good chuckle..."Look here Jimmy, this idiot is looking for a 3.5HDD that's NOT even a 3.5 HDD!"

But, I had to ask.

I'll be going with the 2.5" format to make things fit.

(Playing around with a LianLi PC-Q02 case.)

Thank you for terminating my fruitless Google search for something that doesn't exist.

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