IBM M5014 (LSI 9260) - WD Red 3 To compatibility

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to test Windows 2012R2 essentials on my homeserver, I've just swapped my raid card from RocketRaid 2720SGL (previously used with ZFS) to some IBM M5014 crossflashed to last lsi 9260-8i firmware.

All my WD Red 3To (Nasware 1.0) never spin and can't be detected (6 ones).

Same issue with ASmedia motherboard controller, no problem with intel or Highpoint.

If a plug sata power connector on disk without any sata connection, never spin too.

If I plug some Velociraptor 1 To, WD green 2 To, Samsung HD204UI or Seagate NAS HDD 4 To disks, no problem at all.

I've tried various firmwares (IBM, Intel, LSI) and a new M5104 card too (I've 3 of them in stock) without success.

I've thinking about compatibility issue but I've seen the same hardware configuration on some posts or articles.

So, any idea?

Thanks for your answers ;).

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powers issue ?

maybe the PSU cannot cope with controler +drives, just a sugestion...

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