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OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Review Discussion

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Fresh from their recently-announced bankruptcy and acquisition by Toshiba, OCZ's newest consumer-grade SSD makes a bold statement during the company's important transition phase, aiming to provide a value-minded SSD solution while simultaneously catering to the enthusiast with high performance needs. The OCZ Storage Solutions Vertex 460 is a mainstream SSD that takes advantage of the new partnership by marrying OCZ's Barefoot 3 M10 controller with Toshiba's 19nm MLC NAND technology, providing a product that benefits from quality engineering and the lower operational costs that stem from the work of a strong collaborative team. This is a major boon for OCZ, both in terms of finance and technology, and the Vertex 460 can be rightly considered a positive indication of things to come from the company.

OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Review

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