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LSI 9260-16i & WD Red Performance

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I have a PC with a LSI Megaraid 9260-16i, and 12 WD Red 4TB disks in RAID 5. Cache is enabled, and a battery unit is installed.

The read performance (copying large files) is OK, but writing large files is painfully slow (40-50MB/s, and this is a single copy at a time, which is kind of what I would expect from a software RAID). I had another PC with a similar set up, but with an Adaptec card and Hitachi drives (12 as well) and the write speed was more like 300MB/s.

In your experience, is there anything I may have misconfigured, or is this the sort of experience I should expect with 12 disks in RAID 5 on an LSI card, or is it possible that some of the disks may have a technical problem (and if that is the case, is there any way to troubleshoot that?).

I put the config below (and the info for the first physical disk, all others have the same config) if it helps.

Thanks in advance!


Adapter: 0
Product Name: LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i
Memory: 512MB
BBU: Present
Serial No: [sERIAL NUMBER]
Number of DISK GROUPS: 1

Number of Spans: 1
Span Reference: 0x00
Number of PDs: 12
Number of VDs: 1
Number of dedicated Hotspares: 0
Virtual Drive Information:
Virtual Drive: 0 (Target Id: 0)
Name :RAID5
RAID Level : Primary-5, Secondary-0, RAID Level Qualifier-3
Size : 40.019 TB
Sector Size : 512
Is VD emulated : Yes
Parity Size : 3.637 TB
State : Optimal
Strip Size : 256 KB
Number Of Drives : 12
Span Depth : 1
Default Cache Policy: WriteBack, ReadAhead, Direct, No Write Cache if Bad BBU
Current Cache Policy: WriteBack, ReadAhead, Direct, No Write Cache if Bad BBU
Default Access Policy: Read/Write
Current Access Policy: Read/Write
Disk Cache Policy : Disk's Default
Encryption Type : None
Bad Blocks Exist: No
Is VD Cached: No

Physical Disk Information:

Physical Disk: 0
Enclosure Device ID: 245
Slot Number: 0
Drive's position: DiskGroup: 0, Span: 0, Arm: 0
Enclosure position: N/A
Device Id: 19
WWN: 50014ee20935345e
Sequence Number: 2
Media Error Count: 0
Other Error Count: 0
Predictive Failure Count: 0
Last Predictive Failure Event Seq Number: 0
Raw Size: 3.638 TB [0x1d1c0beb0 Sectors]
Non Coerced Size: 3.637 TB [0x1d1b0beb0 Sectors]
Coerced Size: 3.637 TB [0x1d1b00000 Sectors]
Sector Size: 0
Logical Sector Size: 0
Physical Sector Size: 0
Firmware state: Online, Spun Up
Commissioned Spare : No
Emergency Spare : No
Device Firmware Level: 0A80
Shield Counter: 0
Successful diagnostics completion on : N/A
SAS Address(0): 0x500062b2006259d0
Connected Port Number: 0(path0)
Inquiry Data: WD-[sERIALNUMBER]WDC WD40EFRX-68WT0N0 80.00A80
FDE Capable: Not Capable
FDE Enable: Disable
Secured: Unsecured
Locked: Unlocked
Needs EKM Attention: No
Foreign State: None
Device Speed: 6.0Gb/s
Link Speed: 6.0Gb/s
Media Type: Hard Disk Device
Drive: Not Certified
Drive Temperature :38C (100.40 F)
PI Eligibility: No
Drive is formatted for PI information: No
Port-0 :
Port status: Active
Port's Linkspeed: 6.0Gb/s
Drive has flagged a S.M.A.R.T alert : No

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Are those drives supported by the controller? I didn't think red drives had the power management or error correction features that were needed by most (all?) hardware controllers. I don't see the WD30/40EFRX on their compatibility list. Sometimes a firmware update is needed to properly support cerrtain newer drives or you have to change phy settings, like dropping a drive down to 1.5Gbps. But I don't think these will work. The RE3/4 line of drives from WD are generally supported. Their 4TB RE4 model is WD4000FYYZ and that one is on the list.

I have a 6 disk Linux md raid with some old 250gb sata hard drives and I'm able to get ~200MB/sec sequential reads and writes. With that many drives of that size I'd think you would be able to hit 400-600MB/sec on a sw raid. It should be better with hardware but these drives may be throwing the controller off.

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I tried the Red drives on an Adaptec card first but they kept falling off the array. The thing with the RE4 is that they are almost twice the price, and multiplied by 12.... Beside I don't have a huge workload anyway.

My understanding of the WD Red is that it is effectively a WD Green with a modified firmware to support TLER and perhaps a couple of other things. So I would have thought that it should work in a hardware RAID array. But I have no experience with these drivers nor with an LSI card (have been using Adaptec so far) so I wasn't sure who I should blame.

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I got a 9260CV with 3 Reds seen this too, Try forcing the cache to writeback don't use the (No Write Cache if Bad BBU)

I think this setting bugs sometimes.

m a r c

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