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Expertise needed please!

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Hey guys,

I'm just after a bit of advice for what SSD to get, I currently use my laptop for my Engineering programs such as CAD modelling and occasionally a bit of gaming.

I have a huge external hard drive so only need 120GB, I was wondering, out of of these three, which was the best and why, since I can't really differentiate them with my level of knowledge:



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Another vote for the 840 Evo. It's got a very well balanced controller and makes clever use of that TLC NAND. In the real world you don't have to worry about its write cycles. And you're not going to fill it with 4k random data repeatedly, since you said you're going to place OS and programs there. The price premium for that Plextor is insane IMO. I didn't look up the Kingston V300, but the 840 Evo likely performs better enough to warrent the price premium over the V300.


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