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SSDs on Old Laptops

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I would like to use SSDs on my old laptop.

My laptop is E300-AP55K (LG). producted in Jan. 2008.

(Intel / T5750 (2.0GHz) / 1280x800 / 2GB / DVD recorder / AMD(ATI) / 1.97Kg / 6cell / HDMI / D-SUB / webcam / USB 2.0 /IEEE1394 / Express card / Multi-card reader / HDMI / 1.3M WEB CAMERA / Hybrid 256MB / Windows Vista

Peculiarity: Providing SATA1, TOSHIBA MK1665GSX 160.0 GB (SATA2) was installed,

Southbridge of mainboard: SB600, No AHCI option in BIOS)

Apart from everything else,

I am curious whether I can connect SSDs to my laptop at least physically.

You may see my laptop and HDD.







My HDD is just put down on the laptop and connected.

To remove the HDD, we just raise it up.

However, SSDs like TOSHIBA Q Series Pro (my HDD is of TOSHIBA)

have some part that can be inserted to connectors.

My HDD has no such part.

Is it possible to use SSDs on my laptop?

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Your Toshiba 2.5" HDD appears to be a standard laptop SATA "form factor":

as such, there appears to be an adapter affixed to that Toshiba HDD,

which mates with the data and power connectors on your laptop motherboard.

In your last photo above, just count the pins.

BIG CLUE was your statement that you just "drop it in":

that appears to be the geometry implied by those

2 rows of contact pins.

MY SUGGESTION / FWIW: remove the Toshiba entirely,

and check to see if you can remove the plastic

adapter: it may be screwed on, or it may be a

"press fit" (as we used to say, when I was a carpenter).

"Press Fit" means NO FASTENERS (nails or screws etc.)

I'm making that suggestion because I upgraded

a laptop for a friend, about 5 years ago,

and it also had the same type of adapter:

I merely removed the adapter from the

old 2.5" HDD and installed that adapter on the

new 2.5" HDD, and the new HDD worked fine.

2.5" SATA SSDs have the same connector geometry as

2.5" SATA HDDs. Therefore, if that adapter can be removed

you should try attaching it to your 2.5" SSD, being very

careful not to bend any pins.

Hope this helps.


Here's what your Toshiba MK1665GSX HDD2H85
looks like, as manufactured by the factory

i.e. withOUT that plastic adapter:


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Thank you so much.

I could not pull it out softly, so I used various fasteners :(

Though, I failed.

I'm planning to visit customer centers.


I circled what appears to be that plastic adapter in this next screen shot:



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