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Fake Samsung 64GB microSD card

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I bought from Samsung 64GB microSD card.
After 3.7GB my files became corrupted. I figured out that my card is fake. You can see my blog about that fake card:
Don't buy any electronic items from if they have well know brand name. With well known brand name all items are fake:
SD cards have wrong volume or reading/writing speed.
SD card readers have very low transfer rate speed.
Headphones will be broken after 2-3 weeks.
Cellphones will have half of original functions.
Auto electronics will show wrong measurements.
And so on...

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That sucks. Is DHgate's return policy any better than ebays or did you use your CC to file a claim(sometimes easier than dealing with companies)?

The quality of the fakes are scary. FYI, here is a copy of a post I made last year. Too bad not much has changed since then.

Buy from a seller that has a return policy, avoid almost all Ebay[and now any China wholesalers] sellers, and use a credit credit if possible(offers additional protections).

Looking at the memory stick may not be good enough to detect a fake one, but you can do some tests.

First, try H2testw 1.4 and looking for the amount of 'GByte' that are okay. A fake USB memory stick will never come close to the "advertised capacity".


Other tests:

  • The fake will deceive you by displaying the 'false/oversize' capacity when you connect it to your PC, however they will NOT be able to store the data to the stated capacity.
  • So you MUST perform data test by writing a BIG (1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB) file to the usb drive, then READ back the same file from the usb drive to another location on your PC to compare. The READ back process is the only proven way to uncover its 'REAL' capacity.
  • A genuine USB flash drive will complete data transfer of a single 1GB file anywhere from 50 to 180 seconds writing to. Usually the writing time is twice as long as the reading time.
  • The fake will take an excessively long time (1 to 7 hours) only 'pretending' writing but the data was not actually being written. Hence when you try to read it back, it will claim data as being CORRUPT. Many have reported that many strange files/folders eg. 00000.000 will appear and you cannot delete them.
  • The fake flash drives are usually shipped out from ASIA especially from China, Hong Kong, Korea or Singapore, and they are also listed on Australian, UK, USA and European's eBay.
  • The counterfeit model cannot be located or matched with any genuine models on the manufacturer's web site.
  • Counterfeit 'USB Flash Drive / Compact Flash / Secure Digital / Memory Stick' are flooding the eBay market at very low Buy-It-Now (too good to be true) price to make you think is an absolute BARGAIN


Bart's Stuff Test 5
Version 5.1.4

  • Download the free version of the tool
  • Don't plug in your flash drive yet.
  • Disable the Autorun feature of Windows XP first.
  • Plug the stick into an USB port (Warning: have your Virus signatures of your antivirus program updated first, just in case).
  • Don't open anything on the stick. Do not doubleclick on the stick.
  • Format the stick to get rid of any potential viruses or malicious tools.
  • Run Bart's Stuff and select the stick under "Folder"
  • Start the test. It will write a sequential file that will fill the stick up to > 90% of it's capacity and then it does read back the written data.
  • Check the Bart's stuff status written total when you get an error message like this: "An Error occurred. WriteFile returned an Error. There is not enough space on the disk".

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