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What hard disk is in any portable hard disk

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I am new to this forum and i came here in hopes of finding such a database

starting of from several articles on the internet saying that 3.5 external harddrives have inferior quality hd's inside them

i search alot

isnt it odd that seagate or wd dont state which caviar/baracuda or what not they have included in their product

it is indeed peculiar that no manufacturer that i have looked the specifications for has the model of the hard drive encaptulated in their product

in friendly bold letters....rather cheeky but surely some will be good(also most reviews rarely mention the model just performance tests)

(the technology may be sata but i mean it maybe welded or something and you cant get to the interface)

even youtube is hard to provide an answer to this because often the "takin apart" reviews are low res and in other languages

If no one knows of a list/database I will settle for any manufacturers that state these facts


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If by "portable" you mean "USB interface", an external USB enclosure

needs a USB-to-SATA conversion which may or may not send all

drive parameters when requested by the host.

You should try to obtain a model number, and then search

for that model number with Google or Bing.

You can see this yourself with one of these IDE/SATA-to-USB adapters,

like this one by Vantec (there are many others):

The ones we use are compatible with regular 40-pin connectors (3.5"),

laptop connectors (2.5") and SATA connectors (i.e. all 3).

When the USB cable is plugged into the host,

the OS usually displays the name of adapter

-and- the model of the drive connected to it.

Lastly, when in doubt, I would suggest that you contact

the manufacturer for the information you need.

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