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I'd like to put a backup HDD on my WiFi network. It seems to me this would be a NAS with WiFi built-in, but I'm not finding anything like this. I suppose I could plug a WiFi dongle into a regular NAS and that might give me what I want, but I'd think someone would already make a product like this (with WiFi built-in). Maybe I'm not searching on the right terms. Seagate's Wireless Plus seems perfect, except it wants to be the hub of the network, not an attachment to another network, so no deal. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I don't like WiFi networks, because of poor security e.g. Google's Street View

was caught snooping on WiFi signals as the camera cars passed WiFi hotspots.

Nevertheless, the topology of a WiFi network should be very similar

to the topology of a wired network, as far as I know.

If you have at least one desktop in your network, just SHARE

the partition which you wish to dedicate for backup purposes.

Then, XCOPY will work by doing both READs and WRITEs

from and to "Network Drives" (see My Computer) -- assuming

you are using Windows e.g.

xcopy folder R:\folder /s/e/v/d

"pushes" everything in "folder" to the same "folder" on Network Drive letter R: .

xcopy R:\folder folder /s/e/v/d

"pulls" everthing in "folder" on Network Drive R: to "folder" on the local PC.

p.s. I'll look at Newegg, where I'm a customer,

to see if they have a turnkey product that fits your needs.

searching Newegg for "NAS with built-in WiFi" found 2:

USB 3.0 support for lightning fast file transfers.

Supports up to the latest 3 TB SATAII HDD.

Gigabit Ethernet Network for smooth HD playback.

Built-in 802.11n WiFi.

Supports all media file formats.

True 1080p resolution plus HD surround sound.

PC-Less Torrent Download, NAS, FTP, DLNA support.

Miracast - Stream movies, images, music and more from your Android smart device to your large screen TV

Built-in Web Browser - Enjoy web content on your Big Screen TV

VIERA Connect - enjoy a wide variety of Internet Content

Built-in Wi-Fi

Do the same search with Google e.g.:

Synology Inc. today introduced DiskStation DS213air,

a 2-bay NAS server with built-in Wi-Fi support for home and small office users.

Use as a router, access point, or Ethernet/Wi-Fi extender / Back up your files wirelessly / UPnP, DLNA, iTunes & Time Machine compatible / PC/Mac/Linux

Comments about LaCie LaCie Wireless Space 1TB Wireless Storage Hard Drive:

My LaCie Wireless Space is fantastic! I was so tired of managing several different external hard drives for backup, I absolutely needed a solid network server. When I've done my research I came up to the conclusion that LaCie Wireless Space is one of the most compatible and multifunctional network hard drives on the market. Except for regular NAS features the unit has an built-in Wi-Fi and comes with three different pre-configured modes. I've been using it for three months now, and it has been working just perfectly.

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I use a Synology NAS at home that's just plugged into my wireless router...Wireless NAS! That's really the best way to go unless there's some reason you can't.

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Thanks for your detailed reply, MRFS. Comments below.

> I don't like WiFi networks

It's necessary for this application.

> Then, XCOPY will work by doing both READs and WRITEs ...

I need this to work with my backup s/w, Acronis, which recognizes network drives. I'll manually access the drive rarely.

The UEBO looks good on paper but almost all the negative comments (including the cons given by people who otherwise rate the device positively) indict the HDD in one way or another.

The Panasonic device looks like it's just an interface between your Android device and TV. There's no mention of what type of HDD, or how many, it can accommodate, or the capacity of an embedded one if it comes with one. I don't think it has one or can accept one.

The Synology box looks like it's close to what I'm looking for except there's a big fan on the back ( My application won't permit any air circulation, so I think anything with a fan will be a no-go.

Finally, the LaCie (like the Seagate WIreless Plus I mentioned previously) is intended to be the router on the network, not an attachment to an existing network. The latter is what I need.

Thanks for your reply, Brian. This thing's going in a weatherproof box in the backyard. The only physical connection it will have is to AC. The ideal product, as I envision it, would be a single HDD with some sort of NAS stack and WIFi built-in. Without a fan. Doesn't seem that hard to me, but I guess there aren't many people out there with similar requirements, or someone would have built one.

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How big is the weatherproof box?

It occurs to me that you could build a mini-ITX PC

with one or two 2.5" SSDs, and configure it

with one or more "Network Drives" (shared partitions).

For that matter, you could do a prototype

with a working laptop computer.

And, there are fanless "industrial-grade" PCs

that could also host "Network Drives" e.g.:

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I'll size the enclosure to the h/w. I'll probably just get some standard Pelican case. I'd rather not go through the hassle of building a whole PC for this. Why wouldn't something like this ( with a wireless bridge (e.g. or game adapter attached to the Ethernet port work? I'm even wondering what would happen if I slapped a WiFi dongle onto the USB port of an external HDD (not sure how I'd get power to it in that case, or how it would log onto the network).

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