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Switch SATA ports in Intel RST RAID 1 array?

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I recently upgraded my two 500GB SATA RAID1 HDD’s to two new identical Seagate SATA 1TB drives on my Intel ICH10R RAID motherboard controller and, after copying the old boot drive to the new boot drive, I set up RAID1 in the same configuration as before with Intel Rapid Storage Technology v. and let the controller rebuild the new 1TB mirror drive.

However, in physically installing the new drives, I mistakenly connected the primary boot drive to SATA Port 1 and the mirror drive to SATA Port 0. For various reasons, I would like my primary boot drive on SATA Port 0 and the mirror drive on SATA Port 1.

Can I just switch the SATA ports that these drives are connected to? How will the controller handle it? Is there any good reason not to do it?

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