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I apologize if this post is in the wrong place. I have purchased a Samsung 840 SSD and an enclosure so that I can back up my almost at capacity laptop. If I let the magician software migrate my data, will it automatically remove everything from my laptop? I really only wanted to use it as an external hard drive and store my home videos and family pics and I heard SSD is more reliable for these treasured items. Can I pick and choose what to bring over? Thanks!

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Generally no really valueable data should be trusted to any single drive. They can always fail due to various reasons, with SSDs not pretecting from things like theft.

So if a backup "only" mirrors data from somewhere else, I wouldn't see much of an advantage for a SSD based solution. In fact, each bit in an SSD consists only of a few 100 captured electrons. Over time they escape, loosing the data. Consumer drives usually hold their data for more than 1 year - still, it's not exactly an advantage for backups. Does your laptop currently have an HDD or SSD?

If you nevertheless want to use the 840 for backup it's a bad idea to use Samsung Magician. It's mean for single-time transfers of the complete system (last time I used it didn't erase the old one, though). To backup simple videos and pictures you could easily copy them over in the explorer. Although this gets messy and slow if you do it repeatedly.

I suggest using a tool like the freeware "DirSync" instead. Here you can set up synchronization jobs, which you can then run via planned tasks or manually each day/week/ipon changes or when ever. The tool compares source and destination and only transfers changed files, which makes the process very quick for most data (seldomly changing). You can also set it to "mirror" mode, where files deleted in the source are also deleted in the backup destination - keeps things clean.


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