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First, forum group says "Everything RAID", so here gos. (feel free to move to the correct category)

I have 3 1st gen SSDs in RAID0 (OS drive) on an ASUS P6T X58/ICH10R that I'd like to change to a bigger, modern, SINGLE SSD. I have (and will make new) a complete system backup, and the backup program I use (Macrium Reflect) says they can handle the RAID to single drive (and all the special SSD stuff). I will also be labeling all old drives and SATA cables so I can put it back if needed.

Is there anything special I need to do when I do this. I think all I need to do is the following, but please tell me if I'm missing something!!!

1. Backup system.

2. Shut down.

3. Remove old drives.

4. Add new drive.

5. Boot into BIOS.

6. Delete array info, set to AHCI.

7. Boot to rescue OS, and restore image to new drive.

8. Reboot as normal, and no blue screens!!!

I'm mainly concerned about Windows and the RAID/AHCI switch over, but like I said, please respond if I've missed something else.

I will be doing this Thanksgiving week, so have some time, but the computer is 250+ miles away, so I hope to do it right the first time. I do NOT want to re-install/rebuild this system. ;-)

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