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For those of you who have not been able to get into your LSI RAID controller (HBA) Configuration Utility at boot-up, maybe this will help. The problem may be peculiar to the LSI SAS 9211-8i HBA, my ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard or to the Intel X58 chipset, but I’ve heard of this also being a problem on some ASRock motherboards, among others.

To go into the LSI SAS 9211-8i HBA Configuration Utility (at least it works this way on my ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard) –

1. On boot-up, press F8 (or whatever your system requires) for the Boot Menu Selection

screen. It will not load immediately.

2. When the LSI HBA signs on and tells you to press <CTRL C> to get into the LSI

Configuration Utility, do it. You will not go in to the Configuration Utility immediately.

3. When the Boot Menu Selection screen finally appears and, if you pressed <CTRL C>

at the correct time when the LSI card signed on, the LSI HBA will be one of the

available selections.

3a. If you did not press <CTRL C> at the right time during the LSI HBA sign-on, the LSI

HBA will NOT be one of the available selections and you’ll have to re-boot and try it

all over again.

4. Select the LSI HBA for BOOT and you will then go into the LSI Configuration Utility

screen where you can define your RAID Array. Lots of luck there! One of the least

intuitive interfaces I’ve ever seen. Just muddle through it and you’ll eventually get

your RAID Array set up the way you want it.

5. I wish I could afford an Intel RAID controller!

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Disabling some of your onboard 3rd party SATA controllers or other devices taking up PCI-e option ROM space may let your LSI (or other controller) show up without this hassle, although I am not familiar with your specific motherboard.

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I’m familiar with electronics so the installation of the hardware is not an issue for me. So I made the installation and got my computer running. This motherboard has 8 SATA ports. 4 for 6.0Gb/s and 4 for 3.0Gb/s. The 4 for 3.0Gb/s are used already. And because of the capacity of the 120G it is obviously to use the 6.0Gb/s ports. If you want to refer the User Guide you will find the information on pages 2-26 and 2-28. Currently it’s connected to SATA6G_E1. I also tried the SATAG_1 (but I didn’t check in the device manager to see how it showed).

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You could also try the MegaCLI utility. The command line is not the most intuitive ever, so search for a cheat sheet.

Not all LSI cards use the same utility, though, but it is free and easy to try out (assuming you're using Linux... or just boot from USB to test it)

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