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Samsung 840 EVO vs. 840 PRO

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I've done a considerable amount of research into this but I still have a hard time reaching a conclusion. Haven't decided on the size yet, but I'm interested in either the ~120GB class or the ~250gb one. The drive will function as a system drive, and will store the OS, my applications, and will be used for daily work, file transfers, CD rips and gaming. I'm a home user, AKA 'consumer', so what matters to me exclusively is real-world, day-to-day performance.

My doubts stem from the fact that where I live the price difference between the EVO and the PRO is not very significant, and both are offered with three years of warranty.

With that in mind, I might as well go for maximum performance, i.e., the 840 PRO. However, some reviews state that in some scenarios the PRO is outperformed by the EVO, especially in the 'real-world', and 'day-to-day' environments and activies.

I would not pay extra, even if it's a relatively small extra, for a drive that does not prevail in all occasions.

What are you suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



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