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EMC Next Generation VNX Series Released Discussion

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I just want to chime in, that after working with EMC's VNX5300-unified for several years...

It is the absolute worst product I have ever used. Some of the great 'features' are:

Cannot shrink shares or filesystems.

Cannot migrate shares or filesystems locally.

NO disk-level SNMP statistics. (they have snmp for the network ports. Great.. uhhh.. this is a DISK ARRAY, not a switch. Give me disk stats fools!)

WIndows 2003 is the _only_ supported os to manage it. yes, a 10 year old OS.

IE 8 is the only supported browser. Yes, a proven-insecure browser is what you need to run.

Unless you do a very complicated process of virtual-data-movers, your cifs shares can see each other. (Combine this with the inability to migrate shares to a virtual-data-mover once you realize).

EMC's silly java stats viewer gives you 24 hours at maximum and emc's response was 'why would you ever need more than 24 hours of statistics'.

After working with EMC as a company..

They Ignore support requests frequently.

They send out techs that have no idea how to 'cd ..'(watching somebody webex ./some-command when you know they should ../some-command is beyond frusterating).

They send out techs instead of answering a simple question, and the field techs come in just to refer you back to support.

When something breaks you can count on hours or days of them working on it. (this has happened several times to us already in the 2 years weve owned a vnx5300).

If you request for them to call you back during business hours, they pretty much always ignore that and have somebody in china call you at 3am who doesnt even speak english.

To anyone buying the VNX series... Beware. It is an over-complicated piece of complete garbage.


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