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WD Red 2.5" 1TB HDD Review (WD10JFCX) Discussion

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The WD Red family of NAS-tuned hard drives is a perfect example of the ways mature technology like the hard drive can continue to be specialized for new applications. Today WD has announced new additions to the Red lineup; two 2.5-inch drives, which will be the first drives of that form factor on the market that are optimized for use with small network attached storage. If WD is correct in their market assessment, there will be a growing demand for small form factor NAS devices, and developing Red HDDs in the smaller form factor will give the company a head start.

WD Red 2.5" 1TB HDD Review (WD10JFCX)

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I'm in the market for buying a NAS for home usage and was disappointed that there aren't any new 2.5" offerings from qnap or synology.

Only old stuff like the QNAP SS 439, or Synology DS411slim

For home usage I find 2.5" perfect.

Lower power usage, smaller, less noisy

At the moment I think the best is to wait for the new atom mini itx mainboards from supermicro and then use

something like this.

mini atx case akasa cypher

6x bay 2.5" case Thermaltake MAX-1562

This combined with 6x WD Red 1TB and nas4free

would give me 4TB storage with RAID-Z2 (zfs)

This would be my dream nas setup!

Even better would be one case instead of 2, but couldn't find one (only with big 3.5" slots).


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