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I deleted a 300gb volume which had Kali. The disk manager leaves the bar green (free space), I think it needs to be unallocated with the dark blue or black bar for me to extend the HP (C:) partition to reclaim the space. This is where I am stumped. Disk Manager has nothing I can find on this.

The PC is HP running Windows Vista Home Premium. 32bit, 500gb Samsung HDD. I have nothing on this pc worth saving save the OS (maybe). I really want the space back, and I really want to run Kali or Ubuntu 12.04, but am reluctantly 'ascared' to install it where it wipes the HDD of Vista so a dual boot seems less ominous, although at this point I will seriously consider all options, including a wipe of the HDD and a fresh new OS as long as I have some degree of certainty that it'll work. I'm hearing horror stories.

I look forward to the community's response.

Thank you,


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To all who read my previous, noob-like, problema, I have edumuhcated myself a bit and found that, in Vista anyway, if you have deleted the volume free space is created. The next step is to delete the partition and free space is converted to unallocated space. Then simply right-click the partition to which you want to extend and follow the instructions in the subsequent wizard. Unless you desire a different size to reclaim, you can just click 'next' through all the default values and the unallocated partition will disappear and the extended partition will extend and show the reclaimed value added to the original.

Thank you for your time.


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