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about external drive unplugging problems

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a lot of people know we should safely remove USB HDD before physically unplugging the USB cable.

But, a lot of times I am unable to safely remove, although there are NO any data transfer occurring. They often return with warning windows saying that safely remove could not be done at the moment, please try again later, something like that.

It really occurs very often!! It is very strange because I am sure that all data transfer was already finished, but the HDD is like being "trapped" at the point.

1) Any problems? Assume no data transfer.

2) Any affect, in long terms, to the hardware of the HDD if I don't unplug it with safely remove (most of the time it is not "I don't", it is "I couldn't"

3) Any affect to any other files already stored on HDD?

What is the reason? If I am copying or running any of the files when I execute safely remove, that makes sense. But I know I am not.

Thanks you

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