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Kevin OBrien

Fusion-io ioDrive2 MLC Application Accelerator Review (1.2TB) Discussi

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The Fusion-io ioDrive2 MLC application accelerator comes in capacities up to 1.2TB in a half-height half-length (HHHL) form factor (or 3TB in FHHL) and is highlighted by exceedingly low read and write access latencies. While we've previously reviewed the ioDrive2 flagship Duo SLC, which is great for the most demanding applications, the ioDrive2 single drive with MLC is designed for more "pedestrian" workloads. Pedestrian in ioMemory language though means applications like databases that can accept read latencies of 68µs, compared to the 47µs latency found in the higher-end SLC ioDrive2. Of course offering the drive with MLC NAND brings with it benefits like reduced cost, and the MLC iteration also comes in higher capacities. The ioDrive2 single MLC comes in at a maximum 1.2TB capacity in HHHL or 3TB in FHHL, while the SLC Duo tops out at 600GB and 1.2TB respectively (though the Duo featured with MLC maxes at 1.2TB HHHL and 2.4TB FHHL capacities).

Fusion-io ioDrive2 MLC Application Accelerator Review (1.2TB)

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