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WD Blue Slim 1TB HDD Review Discussion

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The WD Blue Slim is a 7mm, 2.5" hard drive that fits many form-factor limiting applications such as implementation in ultra-thin notebook computers, and it does so while being one of the first 7mm drives offered at the robust 1TB capacity-point. The 5,400 RPM Blue Slim, which ships ranging from 320GB to 1TB, demonstrates WD's continual commitment to driving innovation in this segment. Previously the 2.5" portable hard drives required three platters and a 9.5mm form factor to hit the 1TB mark; WD's new 500GB platters open up the opportunity for smaller form factors. Nowhere is this more obvious in the New Blue Slim and the recently released 5mm WD Blue UltraSlim which comes in at the industry's thinnest height at 5mm while still delivering 500GB of capacity.

WD Blue Slim 1TB HDD Review

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Performance wise these drives are pretty boring. But I think WD is doing just the right thing here: offer massive storage with "OK" performance. This drive and the 1.5 TB 9.5 mm drive look really useful!


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