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So it finally happened. A drive decided to act up and my raid with all my most important files crashed and i need help from someone more experienced than myself. I dont think there is anything wrong with the drives, what i need help with is how to proceed to recover data with software

Here is what happened in detail:

Booted PC, Intel RAID-BIOS reported "error occurred (0)" on disk 2. Data was readable, ran a search in HD Tune and Chkdsk, everything looked fine

Turned off, changed SATA-mode to "AHCI" and booted. Turned off again and changed SATA-mode back to raid. This time the RAID Failed with the troubled drive turning into a "NON-MEMBER"-disk.

Proceeded to delete the RAID configuration and create a new one with the same settings

Booted and tried to initialize the drive in "create and format" with Windows 8. Turned off "quick format" by mistake, but realized my error within 2 seconds and cancelled

I then turned off the PC

Hope someone here is able to help me get my important data back! I will be very grateful

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