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Hi guys, new to these forums and so far from a few threads I have read it seems like there is an abundance on information.

After careful consideration and bulking up my main machine with ~17TB of storage which are not backed up and are slowing the machine down, I decided I want to host my files on a separate machine.

I have previously considered getting a tower case with 8 or more drive bays and set up a RAID 6 configuration with 8 drives. However after having a talk with a network engineer at my workplace (I do support and software development for a bank), I decided a rackmount chassis would be a better idea for my needs. Being from a software background I have little idea of what exactly I'm looking for. I understand hardware and build my own machines however when it comes to this larger scale I'm a bit lost.

Part of my problem lies with the restriction of items. I live in Malta, Europe, therefore most get my items within Europe. While this is not a problem with most components, it would be with the chassis. I did however, find this〈=en which is available to me within Europe and can get it shipped to me for a decent price. 24 bay is what I'd like to have, so that part I've decided. I guess the rest will come from you guys after I let you know what the intended use is.

On straight to it, what I use my machine for now as "server intended", if you will. I have multiple machines using XBMC to view media. All the data is hosted on my machine and the data is stored in a MySQL database hosted on the same machine. The XBMC instances get the file information directly from this database rather than having their own database themselves. So I will have media and the database hosted on said machine. I will also be using the machine as the main application to receive data from external sources, i.e. the internet. Apart from this I'll require some extra RAID configurations to backup some of my data such as photos and so on.

Hopefully I can get some more information of what I'm going to need.

Thanks in advance!

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