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I have an old Compaq S6000CL and it has 2 SATA Rev. 1 Ports on the motherboard (an ASUS A7V8X-LA). I just pulled it out because of a recent corruption on my new computer. I am transferring the documents from a SATA 3 750GB to and older SATA 2 80GB drive but for some reason the PC is not recognizing either of the SATA drives. I updated the BIOS and made sure the SATA controller was turned on in the hardware settings. I checked the drivers and they were up to date. Is there a reason that this is not working properly? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Is it not seeing the drives in Windows or the BIOS?

If it is not seeing the drive in Windows, check the Disk Management tool from the Computer Management utility(google for instructions).

If it is not seen the BIOS, reseat and/or replace the sata cables and make sure you can feel the drive spinning up. Also try reducing the data transfer speed via the jumper. You will need to check the HDD/manufacturers website for instructions, but it should be something like this: Desktop Jumper settings

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