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Promise Supertrak EX8350 Redboot

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Drinking and flashing firmware does not mix!

I was well in my cups the other night and I screwed up.

I have a test server for VCenter and it has a Promise Supertrak EX8350.

I booted into a FREEDOS live disk.

and update

1) BIOS on the Promise

2) Redboot on the Promise

3) Firmware on the Promise


ALL said they updated with ZERO errors

Then I rebooted the unit and now my Dell says "possible expansion card failure"

If I remove the card that I updated all works on the Dell server.

Move the card to another unit - that units ceases to work.

I have tried all kinds of BIOS settings on the Dell

Looked for over 8 hours on google for how to disable BIOS on the card or jumpers or do ANYTHING.

I could find nothing of help.

EXCEPT this redboot thingy.

1) What is it? (promise website is useless on the topic)

2) Is there a way to get into it and reflash my card and save.


Did I simply destroy one of my test labs RAID cards.

Thanks for looking


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