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Profil on RAM With SSD and Deepfreeze

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---- English version ----

I work in a school, and this school there is a computer lab, in which there are 35 computers running Windows XP with frozen deepfreeze. When students come to these positions, he identifies himself with a generic account. So the profile is already created is fast.

We want students to use their username and password. When they come to the lab they do not necessarily use the same position. We've done the test with an SSD on a computer with students profile, the moment we open the computer arrived in Windows and nothing moves, it is 30 seconds versus 2 minutes with generic profile.

We also tested with a non-generic account on SSD, and it takes 2 minutes 30 seconds in total with profile creation.

We explore the possibility to copy the profile directly RAM, since we 2GB. But without result. An error and every package. Can you help me on the subject. ?

Sorry for my English, I use the Google translator.

thank you very much

---- French version ----

Je travail dans une école, et dans cette école il y a un laboratoire informatique, dans lequel il y a 35 ordinateurs sous Windows XP gelés avec deepfreeze. Lorsque les étudiants viennent sur ces postes, il s'identifie avec un compte générique. Donc, le profil étant déjà crée c'est rapide.

Nous voudrions que les élèves utilisent leur identifiant et mot de passe. Lorsqu'ils viennent au laboratoire ils n'utilisent pas nécessairement le même poste. Nous avons déjà fait le test avec un disque SSD sur un poste avec profil eleves, du moment ou nous ouvrons l'ordinateur à l'arrivée dans Windows et que plus rien bouge, c'est 30 secondes versus 2 minutes avec profil générique.

Nous avons testé également avec un compte non générique sur SSD, et cela prend 2 minutes 30 secondes au total avec création du profil.

Nous avons explorer la possibilité de copier le profil directement la mémoire RAM, puisque nous avons 2go. Mais sans résultat. Un paquet d'erreur et tout. Pouvez vous m'aider sur le sujet. ?

Désolé pour mon anglais, j'utilise le traducteur Google.

Merci beaucoup

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Are these local XP profiles or are these all connected to Active Directory somewhere? Or what exactly are you using?

If it's a students first login, creating a profile is going to take a few seconds, although 2 minutes is pretty excessive. Most of my customers using AD for this sort of thing are still on mechanical harddisks and don't experience delays nearly as long as you are talking about.

Your issue sounds like it's with your user profile management, I am uncertain how Deep Freeze plays into this beyond system image deployment? Or are you constantly completely reverting these machines with Deep Freeze back to the original system image every single time a student logs in? (I thought Deep Freeze could do versioning?)

I unfortunately am only peripherally familiar with Deep Freeze...

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I actually talked about DeepFreeze to make you understand that the profile will be recreated each time you start the computer.

All users are already created in AD, a username and a password, about 1500 users (students).

In fact I have a problem at the root, that I should rule. I'll explain. Forget the Ram memory for now.

I explain to you !!!!

I created a local account, "test", the creation of the profile to be 15 seconds.

I tested with an Active Directory account "test" without a script, without GPO and create the profile in 50 seconds.

Why the time difference? What causes this slow Active Directory account, versus the local account. And if you can elaborate on why. thank you

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