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HP MSA2312fc & 3rd party harddrives?

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I would have a question about our HP MSA2312fc SAN system. We have HP #480938-001 (HP-branded Seagate ST3300656SS) disks in that SAN, and I would like to replace two drives which are slowly becoming bad. There is no more warranty or carepack. Those HDDs are essentially Seagate Cheetahs, 15k.6 300GB SAS.

So, that original HP part is unbelievably expensive, hard to get and the regular Seagate ST3300656SS also unavailable. I also asked HP themselves and they refused to send me the disks alone, they only do it if we pay their technician to replace the disks on-site for lots of money. Ridiculous.. As if I couldn't do that myself!

So I thought I would like to replace the slowly dying drives with ST3300657SS (Cheetah 15k.7), the direct successor of the drives we have, those drives are still available.

Size is ok, I compared both disks specifications and they're exactly of the same size (same sector count).

Now the question: Does a drive NEED to use HP firmware to work in an MSA2312, or can I buy any off-the-shelf Seagate SAS drive and use it for my RAID arrays in there, as spares / for rebuilds? Has anyone ever tried this?


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