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Kevin OBrien

Imation RDX Media Secure USB 3.0 Review (RDX-USB3) Discussion

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The Imation RDX Media Secure Docking Station and its paired RDX cartridges featuring Media Secure Client software provide users with an alternative to tape storage solutions and standard external hard drives used for backup purposes. The RDX Docking Station furnishes users with the speed of USB 3.0 connectivity and the long-term scalability tapes have historically provided. The cartridges have wide-ranging capacity offerings and beyond that, they come in both standard and encrypted models allowing users to choose the features that they need to meet budget or compliance restraints. That said, the Imation RDX Media Secure is positioned for the SMB market and this particular iteration can meet the backup needs of either a workstation or a small server group.

Imation RDX Media Secure USB 3.0 Review (RDX-USB3)

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