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WD RE4 7200rpm Sata 3Gbps

WD RE4 7200rpm Sata 3Gbps, Is It worth Considering   1 member has voted

  1. 1. WD RE4 7200rpm Sata 3Gbps, Is It worth Considering

    • WD RE4
    • Seagate SV35

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I want to use hard disk 24x7 , for heavy write loads

I have just shortlisted this drive...WD RE4

but i want to know its quality & various specifications :-

1) What is about RE4 (Raid equivalent 4) , is it worth considering Raid 4...?

what is Raid all about....? & specifically Raid 4...?

2) Which ONE should i go for 1tb Or 2tb version

also WD RE4 2tb version costs double the 1 tb version.....

unlike seagate sv35 in which there is noT much difference in cost between 1tb & 2TB

Also please explain the high cost of WD RE4 as compared to seagate Sv35.


& I HAVE posted query about seagate sv35 vs WD RE4

& the answer was WD RE4

Also , I have put the query about Seagate Sv35 v/s WD RE4 On Tom's hardware facebook page,,,

& the answer was Seagate Sv35

So still confused, I have shorlisted WD RE4 because of 5 year warranty, any suggestions are highly appreciated...


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I have not used the Seagate SV35. I have used the WD RE series for years and think they are about the best SATA drives you can get. They are expensive because of the warranty, reputation, and the RAID optimizations.

RE4 is simply the fourth generation of the RE line. The new "RE" drives are actually fifth generation, but WD dropped the extra number, so it really doesn't matter if the drive says RE or RE4. These drives are designed to be used in dense RAID arrays 24/7, and are designed for high performance with long read/write queues (typical of servers) and to tolerate extra heat and vibration.

The SV35 seems to be a line specifically designed for storing video images from security cameras, etc. They are probably similar to the RE, although they may not be optimized for general RAID performance in the same way.

Either of these drives will handle heavy write loads. I would only pay extra for the RE because I would be using it in a workstation RAID 10 array, and trust the RE's to give the best performance for that application. If you just want a high-capacity single drive, then the SV35 is probably fine.

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SV35 isn't in the same league as the RE4. Seagate's RE4 competitor is the Constellation.2.

The SV35 is more aimed for PVRs and CCTV systems, and is basically a Barracuda LP with different firmware.

The RE4 is a hot, noisy drive. It is quick, I'm guessing similar to a Caviar Black, but I rarely use the one I have due to the noise. One RE4 in my old NAS box made more noise than the other 4 drives in total (2x2TB Seagate Green and 2x3TB Seagate Barracuda DM).

The Constellation.2 is a nice drive, I have a pair in a NAS at work, they again run cooler and quieter than the RE4 that are the other pair (4 drives in total, supplied by HP in a HP Microserver).

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