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Worry to choice a hdd 2,5" sata Linux laptop compaitble

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I'm looking for a 2,5"HDD sata with a size of 500-750Gb for my notebook, to use it with several linux distro (probably 5400rpm).

I'm interested a silent device with low power consumption and heat producing, and good reliability.

I recently discovered that many hdd, now on sale, are affected by some incompatibility with linux kernel.

The Issue appears with a continuos "sound-clicking", that indicates load-unload cycle head to and from its parking zone.

These devices have some feature for auto parks the head of the device when it's unused, but unfortunately this function doesn't seem supported by linux kernel, thus s.m.a.r.t. counter load-unload cycle, grows very fastly (and life of hdd obviously reduce itself).

There are some trick (depending on vendor and model with firmware fix, or at the os side, prevent hdd standby or similar actions ) to try resolve the issue but not satisfactory.

Does anyone suggest me a model fully compatible with linux kernel, avoid this issue?

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