When WD red in 4TB or more?

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Anyone have any info on when WD might start supplying a 4TB or larger red?

I am contemplating an NAS in the not too distant future, but right now I am using a hardware RAID external box with 1.5TB drives. I use RAID 1 and after a backup swap out one of the drives. The hardware will then bring the newly inserted disk up to the current content. The removed drive goes somewhere else for storage and can be used as a standalone drive for recovery. RAID 10 looks attractive. For one more drive I eliminate the fooling around with swapping drives each time. I would need a safe to put the RAID10 box in to get the same security for a copy. I am thinking burglary rather than fire in my current approach. But fire is a consideration.

I have an aversion to Seagate in terms of reliability. This may be incorrect. I think of Hitachi and WD having reasonable reliability. But to do RAID I should probably have drives intended for that application. But 3TB drives do not seem like a reasonable upgrade from the drives I have at this time.

I am open to suggestion. Just assume I understand how much storage I will find of use.

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WD has been slow to move to the larger Red capacities I think largely because of price targets they want to hit with that particular drive.

Sine the NAS will use software RAID, you have a little more flex in the drives you use, but the Reds are designed for that duty, so that's kind of nice. We'll see if we can get any more insight from WD on the capacity bump.

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