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Anyone used the Sun 2.5" SSD (7101234)?

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My suspicion is that you'll hear crickets on this one. We've never seen one, though I'd guess they're rebranding someone else's drive.

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As I have found out with the delivery of the drive it is a Sun branded Toshiba SSD. Also interesting to note this drive is considered a client PC level drive even though Sun intended the drive to be deployed in their enterprise level storage appliance (ZFS 7000, etc). Yes, it's an MLC flash chip type. As noted on many commercial sites it's a 4 kilobuck 512GB MLC drive. i guess the extra price is for the Sun label on the box and the Sun drive bracket. ;-)

Information on the outside of the box:

(Box Sticker 1:)

Sun Model Number: 7101234 (also written as 710-1234)

Sun Part Number: 7013008 (also written as 701-3008)

In Box Part Number: 7010845 (also written as 701-0845)

(S) SN (Serial Number Format): ####AAA - ####A##AAA (Just the format, not the actual serial number)

(Q) Qty: 1

(4L) Assembled in: Philippines

(V) VN: 465765

DOM: 2012-07-16

(Sticker 2:)

Flash Device

(Company (???)): Toshiba Inc.

(Manufactured by(???)): Toshiba Inc.

Compliance Model Number: TSD-THNSNC512GBSJ

Other Model Number on the box: TSD-THNSNC512GBSJ( B )

Information on the Drive:

(Drive Sticker 1:)



THNSNC512GBSJ LBA 1,000,215,216

S/N ##AA###AAA#A FW CJGA0202

[s/N Barcode]

RoHS_COMPATIBLE,_[(Pb)]>MVC (Do not dispose of in trash symbol)

[Various Compliance certification logos]


Oracle S/N: ####AAA - ####A##AAA

[s/N Barcode]

Oracle P/N: 371-5052-01

[P/N Barcode]


(Drive Sticker 1:)

Oracle P/N: 7010845

Oracle BasePN: 371-5052-01

AssyID: 465765F-1229 MX

Other information:

Description: One 512 GB SATA SSD 2.5-inch version 2 read-flash accelerator with marlin bracket. Minimum 2010.Q3.3 or later appliance software required.

Product Line: Sun Unified Storage System Options

Drive Formatting: No data or format of any kind. Empty on delivery.

Drive Factory testing: SSD Life Pro reported one previous insertion (power up) before my use. It was factory sealed. I assume the drive was tested at the factory.

Security seals: Unlike other offering commercial and OEM, it's interesting to note this Sun branded Toshiba drive does not have any stickers or other security seals on the case. You could disassemble the drive and no one would be the wiser. The case screws do have blue thread lock. The screws securing the board do not have any thread lock.

Heat Sink/ spreaders: Most of the IC's have heat conduction to the metal drive case via thermal pads.

Firmware delivered with the drive: CJGA0202

SSD Controller IC: 1 x Toshiba T6UG1XBG Solid State Drive Controller

SSD Controller RAM IC: 1 x Micron 1GB MT46H32M32LFCM-6 IT, X6T7 0YA17 D9HSJ (

SSD Flash ICs: 16 x Toshiba 32GB TH58NVG8D7FBAK2 (32nm)

Similar Drive specs on the Toshiba site:

Toshiba Web Site Specs:


Specifications and Features

Form Factor 2.5-type Case

Memory TOSHIBA® 32nm MLC NAND Flash Memory

Interface ATA-8 ACS2, SATA revision 2.6 3Gb/s

Capacity /512 GB

Performance Maximum Data Read : 220 MB/s (Ave), Maximum Data Write : 180 MB/s (Ave)

Supply Voltage 5.0V ±5%



Active : 3.4W Typ.

Idle : 53mW Typ.

Temperature Operating : 0°C (Tc) – 70°C (Tc), Non-operating : -40°C – 85°C

Shock 1500G@ 0.5 ms

Vibration Operating / Non-operating : 20G@10-2,000Hz

Reliability Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) : 1,000,000 hours

Product Life : Approximately 5 years or 20,000 power on hours, whichever comes earlier

Size 100.0mm x 69.85mm x 9.5mm

Weight 51-58g typ.

More Features ・ Translation mode which enables any drive configuration

・ 28-bit LBA mode commands and 48-bit LBA mode commands support

・ Multi word DMA

・ Ultra-DMA

・ Advanced PIO mode

・ Data Set Management Command set (Trim) support

・ Automatic retries and corrections for read errors

・ FDE (Full Disk Encryption) (Optional) *1

Compliance UL, CSA, TUV, KCC, FCC, BSMI, CE, C-Tick

NOTE: *1) The products with FDE option are subject to foreign exchange and foreign trade control laws

Toshiba noted on their site the drive is already end of life, though I have not found anything similar on the Sun web site.

Pricing 2012-03-21:

$4,478.00 (List Price, Oracle WSCA Price list.)

$4,029.99 (PC Mall/ Mac Mall, California Systems, and others.)

$3,806.30 (State Price, 15% SLG discount, Oracle Florida State price list.)

$3,679.99 (eCost)

$3,671.96 (Education price, 18% EDU discount, Oracle Florida State price list.)

$3,403.00 (State Price, $24% SLG discount, Oracle WSCA Price list.)

$2,955.00 (Education price, 34% EDU discount, Oracle WSCA Price list.)

$ 695.00 (Refurbished, eBay seller IT Creations)

$ 305.00 (New (new old stock), eBay)

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