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Samsung 840 Pro, change true over-provisioning?

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I have read in a couple of places that the Samsung Magician 4.0 tool for the 840 Pro SSDs just shrinks NTFS partitions (possibly TRIM'in the left over space in a special way) when the users adjusts over-provisioning.

I was planning to get a 840 Pro, change to ~20% over-provisioning, and then put it in a Linux home server. If the Magician 4 software just does a custom partition shrink, it's not so useful for me because the NTFS partition will be removed when I install Linux.

(I know about the practical lifespan for modern SSDs, and that I'm probably never going to wear out the 840 in that home server. I'd still like to over-provision it more. It's a .. "because I can" kind of thing. :D )

Does anyone here know for sure whether Magician 4 does "true" over-provisioning (i.e. making the BIOS "see" a smaller drive), or whether there is another way of doing that with the 840 Pro?

That failing, are there any other modern consumer SSDs with a reputation for superb reliability that have user-changeable overprovisioning?

Thanks! :)

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When you install Linux, don't let it automatically partition the it manually, taking care to leave the blank section/partition set by Samsung Magician alone.

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