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Alan Adams

What is the BEST PS3 compatible media storage solution?

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Hi there-

I am new to, my search to find the BEST possible solution to my storage needs led me directly here. I am looking to purchase a portable hard drive somewhere in the 1-2TB range that will properly interface with my PlayStation 3 as an external media storage device and I am hoping to plug said device into one of the two front USB ports on my PS3 and leave it connected (whether it's actively "in use" or not) so that I can then stream media for playback on my PS3 whenever I want. I have already put a few hours of research into this matter, I have a couple of frontrunners presently…

Western Digital My Passport Studio 2TB (Model # WDBS8P0020BBK)

-> review

-> Product page


DIGISTOR™ 1TB Portable Hard Drive for Playstation3 (PS3) USB 3.0 / 2.0 (Model # DIG-82123)

-> Product page

…and of course I would be open to other suggestions. ;)

I really like the Western Digital's durable metal case, ample 2TB volume size, two FireWire 800 and one USB 2.0 port, and solid reviews (both here and elsewhere)…but before I spend nearly $200 on it, I would need to know definitively that after re-formatting the drive to FAT32 it will then be recognized by my PlayStation 3. With some research (including the WD forums) I have read MIXED reports of similar WD drives working AND not working with a connected PS3. Conversely, the DIGISTOR is specifically marketed and tailored as a PS3 compatible drive, features a USB 3.0 / 2.0 port, and is Made in the USA…but it does NOT have any FireWire ports and is not currently available in a 1.5 or 2TB model.

So my question to you good folks is: In your experience, what would make for the BEST high-capacity external PS3 compatible media storage solution?

Thank you kindly for your time in reading and your thoughtful suggestions! :D


Alan Adams

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