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RAID vs single drive: same speed

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Hi, Right now i am quite confused, because my new RAID-0 array from 2 disks has nearly same performance than single Disk (disk used for this raid)

I was testing speed in HD tune and it seemed very good: nearly 2x performance, But then i tried load and save quite big file in 3ds max and also in photoshop (cca 1,5gb) result: exactly same time!!!

So i am asking, what is wrong?

My configuration:

MB: ASUS-P9X79 -LGA2011

HDDs: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1000GB -ST1000DM003

RAID driver on board: Intel C600 series chipset


It could be because its software integrated RAID? it would heplp have external RAID card?

Thank for any help



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Remember that Intel uses write-back and as such could give odd performance results when testing with low test sizes. Try testing with bigger files.

A hardware RAID controller would show similar behaviour. Thanks to its write back onboard memory, you will not notice any slowness from the disks until this buffer is full. It simply 'hides' a collection of writes from the host system.

I suggest testing with CrystalDiskInfo to give more information about filesystem performance.

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