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OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD Review Discussion

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The OWC Mercury Accelsior is a PCIe SSD designed for the enthusiast and creative professional market who crave the fastest storage available within a client workstation. OWC uses a unique design, essentially leveraging a PCIe PCB with two host slots for their gumstick-shaped SSDs and a management controller that ties the drives together. The architecture itself isn't novel, but OWC's implementation is, using in-house components and engineering to make the Accelsior come to life. OWC also provides options for the user which are unique. By default the drives ship in a RAID0 configuration which offers throughput around 800MB/s; users also have ability to switch to RAID1 for data redundancy, or JBOD mode to access the individual drives.

OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD Review

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Thanks for an interesting review.

Will you review the Sonnet Tempo PCIe cards too? I can't find that you have done this already.

Either the non-Pro or the Pro model (though preferably the latter). This would be an interesting comparison, methinks.

Thanks for considering.


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