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Some weeks ago I put a SSD in my workstation. I was really satisfied with the performance increase.

So I thought: let's put one in my Netbook as well. But this wasn't performing that good.

I downloaded HD-Tune 2.55 and tested the performance. It is indead more than half.

What am I missing? Why is the performance in my Netbook a lot less?



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1) This could be due to power management in one way or another. It's possible there isn't enough load on the system during an SSD benchmark to bring it up to full CPU/northbridge/memory/southbridge speeds. If it's dual-core, try running a single-threaded app dealing with integers (like dnetc/RC5) while running the SSD benchmark. Or maybe there's a max-performance mode built-in somewhere that you can activate.

2) It's completely possible that your netbook has an Intel Atom CPU, and it may only push that much data through the system at a time.

3) It's possible your netbook has a SATA II interface rather than the SATA III that's likely in your workstation. This would tend to cause a noticeable drop in benchmark performance, although usually day-to-day use would still be snappy. (Looks like your workstation isn't hitting SATA II speed limits either.)

4) Check your Netbook's BIOS to see if the internal drives are running in AHCI mode. Ordinarily this would not cause a massive loss of performance, but worth checking.

Really, truly, does it feel slow? I used an Atom netbook (Asus Eee PC) a couple years ago, and while handy, it was very sluggish running Windows 7 Starter. It always felt faster to me running Ubuntu live from USB boot. Today an LG Optimus G feels a lot faster than that Netbook. I guess what I'm saying is temper your expectations of netbook performance :)

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