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Do HP Proliant DL385 G1 and HP StorageWorks MSA30 fit for iSCSI SAN St

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I am very new in the world of servers. I am studying VMware vSPhere 5.1 and I brought HP DL 385 G1 Servers from ebay for my practice. Now I need to add a storage device to my infrastructure. I saw HP StorageWorks MSA30 with 14 x 73GB SCSI 15K U320 listed on ebay in very cheap price. However, I do not know whether that storage device fits to HP Proliant DL 385 G1 Servers for iSCSI SAN.

If these two units match, what other device I need to buy. Likewise, what other storage device work with HP DL 385 G1 for iSCSI SAN? Since I am a student and my motive is just to have a small lab for me to practice vmware vSphere Virtualization, I cannot spend a lot of money on a Storage device. Please suggest me those which fits my need and requirements.

For your information, I do not have any other devices besides three HP Proliant DL 385 G1 Servers right now.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. I am not an expert, just a student who is very new in this field so any advice in a simple explaination will be highly welcomed.

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