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Additional HDD for T520 Lenovo

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What do you currently have installed and how much space do you need?

To add an additional hard drive, you will first need an ultra bay adapter. It is called 'ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III'(part number 43N3412). Looks to be about 50/60 bucks.

After that any 9.5mm hdd/ssd will work. People have their favorite brands so you will likely get a lot of different responses...I usually just go for the cheapest with longest warranty(warranty options change). 1TB is fine, but it depends on what your main storage is. Say you have a 128GB SSD, then a 1TB hard drive is worth it. But if you have 512GB SSD, and need some more fast storage, then you may want to get another SSD.

The only problem I am seeing is if you get a knockoff version of the ultrabay(common on ebay unless you do your research...some can work fine while other will have issues). If there is a gap either when securing the hard drive to the ultrabay or gap with ultrabay and the notebook , you may need to use some foam or rubber(from any hardware/hobby store).

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