File System Based Document Management for WHS

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OK, a query after a long time...

Given that I am spending time in academia, I end up collecting a lot of papers - added to that are some papers from my mother's time.

(Plus a lot of private documents...)

So, I wonder, is there some sort of document management system that can mange files using the file system. When I search for document management systems on for example sourceforge, I will find many great solutions with one huge BUT: They tend to use databases... and on WHS this is a bad idea... The OS drive can fail and offers little space, the storage pool will have issues with a constantly accessed file...

I am looking for a piece of software that will ideally write a file that contains database information - say "info.xml" or similar in my document folder and then contain information on the documents organized into subfolders on that share so that anybody can access the files without the software or use the software to check if a copy of the document already exists.

For my academic use I use Mendeley, but that would not port well onto my Home Server.

Oh, and it needs to be free....

Would anybody havea ny ideas?

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