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Firefall Fest: A 6 day livestream event for upcoming F2P MMO shooter

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For their upcoming F2P MMO coop Shooter, Red 5 is hosting a Livestreaming Event. They even got some big name personalities/Celeberities, such as Nathan Fillion, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and a bunch of other Internet personalities. Firefall Fest live stream page

It is a 6 day event with daily giveaways from Razer and AMD. Starts today at 10AM PST. I am not a fan of MMO games, but I like Firefall(elements of borderlands and PVP multiplayer of TF2/quake/tribes). I also like the business side of Red 5 studio, since they are expanding to entertainment as well as have an CEO that is active on Twitter.

Should be interesting to see how they handle the beta key issue(you need a key to play the game...I have a couple) and if the beta(real beta and not just for marketing) can handle it, since I know i had some pretty laggy gameplay.

Firefall Game info:

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