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Advise for archiving Data with a SATA-Disk

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My goal is to archiving data to one sata-disk for offline-storage (archive) once a week or month. Storage-source are two CIFS volumes on two Netapp Filer.

A simple usb 2.0 hdd with robocopy differential copy doing the job very well and in short time!

-->The only problem is that a USB-SATA enclosure not let me now about realtime SMART-data. That is not reliable for me!

I have also tried with small Synologie 2bays products: They doesn't support more than 255 chars. -->no-go

At a "remote" location I have IBM x3650 & x3650 M3 Server with Windows Operating System.

The "old" x3650 has an external SAS-connector, Controller is a IBM ServeRAID 8k-i SAS/SATA2 (DIMM-format)

Can I use this external connector with a external 3.5" SATA-enclosure? It should support hot-plug.

(The x3650 was bought with 2.5" drives so I can't mix with 2.5" & 3.5" drives.)

Thanks und grettings, Zelda

PS: Other disk-based solution over 2TB uncompressed data are welcome!

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