Stoyan Varlyakov

Reliability survey inaccesible

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just tried entering info for some drives I have spinning accross different systems, but I am in a dead loop:

- RS tells me to login or register, I click on register and go to the forums, where I am logged in ?!

- If I click on RS, then I am again not logged in...

Browsers tested: IE 8 and Firefox 15.01 on win7 pro x64.

Account created literally an hour ago.

However no e-mail for activation came through ...

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check there . Is there any option saying that "resend the verification mail" if yes get it done again or check your spam folder

Hmm I was informed by e-mail that you posted something, but I did not get any verification mail...

Any ideas how can I resend it? I'm a bit lost at IP Boards settings...

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If you're logged into the forums, you should be good to go (AFAIK).

Use the login link on the RS page:

Use your forum login credentials(username/password) making sure 'Drive Reliablity Survey' is your destination. It should take you a similar looking RS page, but in the middle should be a blue box with 'Reliability Survey - Select Manufacturer' and a drop down box.


If you are still having trouble, you could always just make a new thread with the information in the Reliability & Performance Drive Databases forum(the survey is on the list of stuff that needs updating).

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