Stoyan Varlyakov

Are there any iSCSI Infortrend SAN owners?

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Hi everyone,

just crowd sourcing some info on an iSCSI based Infortrend solutions.

We have a office where the cost is a factor and we need some sort of iSCSI solution for our ESXi hosts.

The Synology RS3412RPxs caught our attention with its expansion options and high performance figure claims, but I kind-of dislike the software nature of the product. Sure its a great option, but I prefer a true enterprise-like Storage, which does nothing else but presenting storage.

So I am currently evaluating, well at least from a theoretical perspective a Infortrend S16e-2142-6 and I plan on "marrying" this to a bunch of slow SATA drives (16 2 Tb Hitachi Ultrastars to be percise).

Anyone having similar setup or experience?

In an other thread I already mentioned that for our main office we just got a pair of EQLs and I am nothing short of astonished how these things perform.

There is a tradeoff for the EQL greatness and its meaning is in $...

Thanks in advance for any input,


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