Benchmark not what I was hoping for. RocketRAID :(

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Using ATTO Disk Benchmark my results were a bit disappointing.

4 Intel 330 Series 120GB SSD drives in Raid 1/0 on a highpoint RocketRaid 2720SGL

.5 was 16MB/17MB

at 128 it hits a wall on write at:

128 596MB/860MB

maxing out at 4096 with:

4096 599MB/1,484MB

Now I'm wondering why the write speed hit a wall and never really increased as the benchmark progressed pass 64MB. Can someone help me with tuning this raid card? Perhaps there are some settings I am missing that greatly affect this? This is my first highpoint card so I'm pretty new to this brand.

The OS is Windows STD 2011.

I figured it would have achieved what I wanted especially after reading this review:


How much read/write do you think I should be getting with 4 330 series intel drives?


I moved the card to the x16 video card slot and got much better results but still not what I am seeking.

Write bottle necked at 800MB @ 128 and read maxed out at 1800MB/sec.

Would switching to the LSI MegaRAID Internal SAS 9265-8i net me much higher results in the x4 slot?

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4 Intel 330 Series 120GB SSD drives in Raid 1/0 on a highpoint RocketRaid 2720SGL

Hi there, I had the opportunity to play with the same RAID card using Vertex 3 drives. When I used 4 drives, (read / write speed individually = ~500MB/s) then my throughput on the card (RAID0) peaked at about 1400MB/s, with about 600MB writes. When I upped that to 8 drives, the reads peaked at around 3000MB/s and writes at 2000MB/s.

You are using 4 drives, and hitting 1800MB/s reads. That in my mind is quite fast. Remmember you need to account for some overhead with the RAID, etc, so your speeds are more or less what I'd expect. I would not be concerned with the smaller block sizes, that is always slow.

BTW, I recon that when one start going to that kind of speeds, one start approaching the PCI-Express bandwidth bottleneck but not sure.

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HighPoint's Cards tend to be very weak on IOPs @ 4k. I just installed their flagship card ( RocketRAID 4520 ) into my new server, and ran a bunch of benchmarks. Under 64K there was absolutely no performance gains from adding additional drives to the Array. I was using Samsung 840 SSD drives, and tried them in raid 0 for single drive, 2 drives, 4 drives, 6 drives. Already contacted HighPoint and they said they are working on a firmware update and are aware of the issue. Even though the speed at 4K is weak, HighPoint makes very reliable cards. I have been running a 4310 in my current server with absolutely no issues to speak of for 3+ years.

If you want to see my benchmarks, I have them posted on my blog.


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