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3000 person LAN party support - on wheels.

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As a promotion for Firefall(F2P team based MMO shooter), Red 5 with West Coast Customs made this MGU(Mobile Gaming Bus). Very ambitious and cool looking.

256 core Seamicro server 20 on board cameras with full TV switching ability via Tricaster (remote cameras off vehicle supported) 20 AMD and Razer gaming stations on board 5 AC units 10 feet wide, sliders closed. Wider when sliders are open. 4 sliders make the bus much roomier inside On board generators for power, with upgraded batteries Extensive CAD modeled 3D exterior and interior Custom lighting (seats light up blue at base when you sit in them) Shoutcaster station with 2 large television monitors and dedicated gaming rig for streaming On board internet (to be installed after expo) Able to game while the bus is moving (but you'll be hard pressed to sit down when sliders are closed. 48 feet long. Custom startup sequence with CO2 cannisters, external sound system (and internal), and Crystite generator "key".

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